Comparison: openHAB vs. Home Assistant

Es gibt zahlreiche fertige Lösungen von Smarthome-Anbietern, welche viele Vorteile und einfache Bedienbarkeiten v There are numerous ready-made solutions from smarthome providers that combine many advantages and ease of use. However, many of them have a common disadvantage and that is that they only work within their own system (e.g. lamps from different providers cannot […]

Setup HABPanel in openHAB

By the already integrated Dasboard solution in openHAB an interactive handling is possible and not always individual configuration files must be changed. A simple example is the display of temperature curves using graphana and influxDB in a single dashboard. Installation of HABPanel In each installation of openHAB the HABPanel is already integrated, so no further […]

Setup Grafana with docker

With a combination of InfluxDB and Grafana an appealing visualization of all conceivable values is possible. This can be the download speed of your internet connection on an hourly basis or the temperature in all rooms with a time resolution of 15 minutes. Grafana offers many configuration options via its own web interface, e.g. connection […]

Setup InfluxDB with docker

With the help of InfluxDB you can tackle many exciting projects with openHAB. Basically, the InfluxDB is used to store simple time series. This means that you can store any state or change of an item (or all members of a group) of openHAB in a database and have access to historical values at any […]

Setup openHAB with docker

openHAB offers many possibilities to make full use of your own smarthome. However, this requires an installation of openHAB first. There are different approaches to do this – I always prefer a solution with Docker. This is because an installation with Docker is easy to use in both the initial setup and in later updates. […]